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Level II is $40. for alumni is required for "No-Gun" or armed work. $45. for those not enrolled in level III.
 Level III payment need not have been made for $5 discount.
Lev. II 's 6 hours is every Sat. 9am till 3:30 pm
Other training facilities have a { package deal }---
All of our services are already discounted, work
is guaranteed our trainers give you the most up to date proceedures & all @ the most talked about &
progressive training facility in South Texas!!!
We train more people in a month & do it  for less
than anywhere I know !!!
Level III
read below, then click Lev.III on left column              
 Level  III  & level II is for the armed jobs.
Level III consist of the State required 40 hours of classroom instruction. @ Security Academy of Tx. we do this in 5/8Hr. days 9a/5:30p 5 days.
For Body Guard training click Level IV information on this sight & or call  Stan at 713-416-2796.

2 Year or 90 Day Re-qualifications -$79.00
 Classroom instruction and gun qualification.
Generally this can be done Mon. tues.or Wed.fri. & sat. ok. Sat. 9am to 3:30. M.T.W.& Fr. start 9,10,or 11 am for 6 hrs. of inservice training. The gun-requal is  Thurs. mornings for 1.5 hourish. 9am or 10:15 ish (we're there all morning.) Second sat. is baton & Spray. Please try to not do inservice that paticular sat. Thanks, see ya (stan)

Required OC Pepper Spray Training - $30
Class offered monthly on the Second Saturday of each month, 12pm to 3ish pm, after Baton class. 
Laminated pocket I.D. card issued.
Baton Class (Expandable, traditional, sidehandle & defensive tactical flashlight) - $30
Offered  monthly on the second Saturday of each month from 9am to 12 noon, before the Spray Class.
Laminated pocket I.D. card issued.
Both Spray and Baton sessions are more affordable than @ any other training facility in the region.  We've done the price check for you.    Your welcome.
Taser Gun Class - $ 100
Offered once a month on the first (1st) Sat. of each month from 9am to 3:00ish pm This is required by taser to activate Police unit purchaced.
Yep, Taser's got ya. Ya buy one ya got ta take the Class.
 *******Citizens may buy the smaller one. This,class is good for Police, Security, courtroom & the fight !!!!   This is the real deal Course of record with Taser International.
Our taser instructor makes the class fun & a learning experiense.
& is  required by penal code( not security board rules.) It's not required to get Tased @ THIS TIME. DO IT NOW before it's required to get tased. !!!

Registrant, Manager, & P.I. continuing Education -
Registrant or Manager classroom instruction - 8 hours ($80)
Monday's or Wednesdays 9am till 5:30 pm The last Sat. or first Sat. of the month it can be done same times.
Private Investigator classroom instruction - 18 hours.  Go to: now

For Concealed Handgun class information, see that page.

The following are 2 hour Certificate classes offered for $20 each by appointment.
Anti-Terrorism / Weapons of Mass Destruction
Bomb Threats
Cultural Diversity/Senitivity
Public Relations
Advance Supervisor
Advance Report Writing

Contact Stan at:
713-416-2796 classroom
6633 Hillcroft, Suite 225, Houston, Texas 77081
Text this # & get a faster response. A class might be running.
You got to talk, leave a voice mail.