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We are closed this week to move into our beautiful new building at:
4323 South Main st
Stanford TX 77477
Right next door to the Texas Gun Club.
Near highway 59/69 at hwy 90.

Classes will resume on Monday 1/28/19!

State License Number F-00704

Since 1982
Would you like to have a career in Security?
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Qualifications to be a Security Officer in Texas
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • No Felony convictions
  • No class A misdemeanors in past 10 yrs. generally- (new rules might apply)
  • Most Class B Convictions in the past 5 years are not acceptable (some exceptions apply)
  • Successful Deferred Adjudication (dropped or dismissed) OK.

  • To start a career or even your own guard company, text 713-416-2796 and get started today!

    Qualifications For Level III (gun class for commissioned officers)
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must have completed the six hour Level II + 45 hours of Level III Classroom Instruction
  • Must Have Diploma of Completion from an authorized Level III Training Facility
  • These are required to satisfy the Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Bureau
    Effective Dec 1st, 2011 this includes 12 hrs. DT, 4 hrs. cuffing, and a host of other things added to the old 30 hr. program. 45 + 6 Lev(2) = 51 hrs & 6 days

    If you are doing your due diligence in researching alternatives, please be aware that many other schools in our area have still not embraced this new program or the 6 hr. requirement for Lev.II and many have class times of less than 45 hours duration that do not meet this minimum requirements. Our instructors and our courses are all of the very highest standards.
    With our Guaranteed Paycheck Program*, you can even defer payment for any Level III (3) Course- even the range fee can be deferred with S.A.O.T.

    (*some restrictions apply, contact us for details.)

    For more information on the following:
    • Levels III Concealed Handgun License
    • Level IV Concealed Handgun License
    • OC Pepper spray
    • Baton Training
    • and more
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    Quality Instruction is just a phone call away!
    Call or Text or 713-416-2796

    Visit our new Facility at:
    4323 South Main st
    Stanford TX 77477

    If class is in session, please leave a voice mail or send a text.
    Start @ 9am Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, or Sat

    *No Money up front*

    Visit after class, 6:45-7:00pm M-F