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Level III, required for Commissioned / Armed Officers

Just what the state requires for Lev 3 (45) hrs. 5/9 Hr. days 5x8=45 
With us, the 45 hour state required class is held 9 am to 6:30 pm M,T,W & Fr.  Till 6 pm on Thursday gun day for drive time from the gun range back to classroom.
Lunch period is 1p till 1:30.(pack a lunch, or lunch money or eat our Poppcorn)  it is a long day for popcorn.
For Two (2) Yr. or Three (3)  Month Requalifications, Six (6) Hours of inservive training is required. This is allso known as Continuing Education.
On every Saturday of the month the inservice 6 hrs. can be done. A Wednesday is good for this inservice as well.  Monday is also a good day for the six (6) hrs. The shooting is to be done any thursday 9a or 10 or 11ish am.  shoot & go.  If your inservice is done by then your diploma will be @ the range waiting for ya.
Level III can begin for you with 8:45 am Orientation any Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday in any order that your schedule requires.
(Note: No Thursday New Starts admitted as we shoot guns those  two (2) days.) Revolver familiaration is done  & Semi. & Shotgun(optional) Quals. on Thursday morns. Class begins @ 9am every morning.  Late people aren't loved as much.  Some make up blocks of instruction may need to wait till the next week @ the same hour. Makes ya want ta bee on time!!!
Class sessions are FREE.  There is free popcorn, cookies, coffee and soft drinks during classes.
A reasonable diploma fee is charged before or after payday. There is a  WORK GUARANTEE.  Financial aid is done on an individual basis & is really only needed for Lev. two  (2). All else--pay day ok.
The diploma is only $99.00 on  Day 1 or Day 2 , Day 3 on to payday the diploma is $109.
UNFORTUNANTALY a non-comm/no gun $7-$10payday,not $10-$20 ($12-$14 is normal) With a Level III diploma for armed Defendable work.(You do have a family to get home to as well. Get Armed !!!  )
The $10.oo discount & the state no gun registration fee of $33.00 is saved with the $99 by day two (2). This totals a $43.00 savings if this is $99. is done again by day two (2).    
Also with a lev III diploma your applying for a job paying $4 ta $6 more per Hr. ----  BROKE ? ya do what ya got ta do !!!!!!!!!
  &  No Pass, NO PAY !!!  Fail the test & get your diploma money back -
$50 is required by Thursday Gun day.   Relax! You can always shoot after payday! Cash or charge card at the gun range too. The $50 includes the   9mm semi. ammo, targets, range fees, pay for the trainers at the firing line. The use of our shotguns and hand guns is free. Revolver AMMO $5. more 40 & 45 Cal. AMMO $12 & $15  more.   The $25. for the non-required Shot Gun Qual. includes the shot guns extra range fee for another gun ammo everything. Hay just relax & enjoy that shot gun ride. Have a story ta tell ya family after the ride.
So--- $99.+ $50 ta shoot = $149.00 for Level III  /   & only $10. more ta wait till a Guaranteed Pay-day / a non- comm. no gun pay-day / ya do what ya got ta do!!!
Minimum wage to $8-$10 per hour.
$10 to $20 per hour.
$10 to $14 is average.
Police and military experience is not always required for the upper pay rates,
however, this experience will help you achieve more than the average level of pay.
Armed work is why this company was founded.
Be a Hired gun as it were. It is a Honorable living.
Better than many. It can be exciting, adventurous, and satisfying for you and your family. You can work as little or as much as you'd like. One day/week or 9 days / week. You get the idea, as little or as much as you wish.

Text or call Stan at:
713-416-2796. The classroom;
6633 Hillcroft, Suite 225, Houston, Texas 77081
Text this # & get a faster response. A class might be running.
You got to talk, leave a voice mail. 
Start @ 9am on any Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday. No Money up front !!!!   OR 
Visit after class, 6:45-7 pm ish m-f
see you soon , Stan